Training in Musical Instrument Repair

Below is a selection of questions asked by prospective students:

Q. Do courses lead to a qualification?

A. No, however a Certificate of Attendance is awarded on completion of a course. These are highly regarded by the trade, as the quality and content of our courses is well known and respected.

Q. Will I be able to repair instruments professionally on completion of a course?

A. Usually no, however it will depend on your previous experience and level of skill that you have attained.
On completing a foundation course it is recommended that students seek further training in the form of an apprenticeship or employment in the trade. Alternatively, further course attendances and a great deal of practice will help you to achieve your ambition.

Q. Is there accommodation at the school or within walking distance?

A. There is no accommodation at the school. However, there are at least three bed and breakfast options and a couple of self-catering cottages just a short walk away. Full details of these and others can be found by contacting us.

Q. Do I need to bring any tools or instruments with me when attending a course?

A. All the tools necessary will be provided. We ask students to bring a selection of instruments to work on during the course. If this presents a problem then we are usually able to help out.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for materials such as woodwind pads etc that I use on a course?

A. There is no charge for materials used on a brass course. Woodwind students, however, are required to pay the tutor directly for pads and springs etc. used when repairing their own instruments.

Q. Do I need to speak fluent English in order to attend a course?

A. You will need a basic ability communicating in English. However, demonstrations form a major part of our teaching, and are usually self-explanatory. For this reason a good level of English is desirable but not essential. We have a laptop with translator software for use in the workshop if required. Overseas students pay exactly the same fees as those from the UK.

Q. Do I have to play an instrument in order to attend a course?

A. It is not essential to play an instrument. There are many successful repairers who are not competent musicians. My personal view is that some ability in playing is desirable for a repairer as this will aid him/her to diagnose faults and test the instrument after repair.

Please contect us if you would like to ask further questions.